Songs covered by chiptune musicians – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of songs covered (adapted or just inspired) by C64/SID/chiptune musicians.
This time we don’t need the introduction (you can read it in part 1 here). Before I start, I really have to say it is quite surprising (and to some extent somewhat disappointing, although the SID tunes are amazing – in some cases even better than originals) to see so many great tunes being a copy or adaptations of the existing (usually non chiptune) songs. hat is more, it is not some less known and less iconic C64 tunes, but some of the most well known, and loved ones.

So let’s start with one:

Rob Hubbard – “Delta (C64) – Title Theme

Such a iconic, fast tune. The tempo is so different from the original that it is easy to miss it and also not everyone has heard the fantastic original.

And here is the original:

Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi

Music is composed by legendary Philip Glass, and can be found on Koyaanisqatsi, a 1982 American non-narrative documentary film directed and produced by Godfrey Reggio. At first we only see the outline of delta, but later it is clear that this where Rob, let say, got his inspiration. Which one is better? As much as I am fan of SID one, we can probably agree that the original is, despite being slower, more epic.

On to the next one…

Rob Hubbard – Monty on the Run Theme (C64)

Wait, this one too? But this is such a brilliant tune. Don’t worry, this one is far less obvious, it follows similar hook/riff and not everyone would immediately know where it came from..


The Devil’s Galop – Charles Williams and His Concert Orchestra

You can see similarities in the first 30 seconds, even how the song progresses and different parts, not just one riff. Both are great tunes, but I would say I prefer Monty on the Run Theme more, it is just brilliant tune.

Golden Axe (C64) Title Theme by Jeroen Tel

C64 game itself is nothing special ,but the music is just brilliant. I never actually played this game on c64, but I spent countless hours playing the Arcade version, which i still my favorite arcade game (along with Aliens). So, did Jeroen borrow a part, did he get inspired? “Unfortunately” in this case, it is more or less a “note by note” remake for C64. Here is the original, give it a listen:

Golden Axe Arcade Music – Wilderness

Which one do you like more? I will have to go with Jeroen Tel’s version for C64, despite my love for arcade game itself. He just added the groove bounciness to it, especially that well known Jeroen Tel bass. Arcade version is OK (I am actually not a big fan of that sound chip where bass and other instruments so somewhat metallic) but IMHO the C64 version is the ultimate one.

Shadow of the Beast II – Death theme on Amiga

Anyone that played Shadow of the Beast II on Amiga knows or remembers this theme by heart. It was such a powerful picture and music that we were almost looking forward to die to hear it. The game was too hard anyway 😛 The guitar part was just too amazing (even back then we knew it was digitized).

It was probably decades later that I found it was not an original. In fact it is almost note by note copy of the short music theme that was used in the show Miami Vice. You can listen to it here:

Tim Truman – Familiar from Miami Vice

Like I said earlier, it is ALMOST note by note, but not 100%.